I have been journaling on and off since I was in high school. Since the beginning it has been one of the ways that God has spoken to me, given me direction and helped me process through the struggles of living. Sometimes the entries in these journals are about things I want to remember. Sometimes they are songs I’ve written. Sometimes they are quotes that inspire me. Often I find that poems sort of explode from my pen and I find that the poems become prayers. Sometimes the prayers become poems.

I wanted to share one of these poem/prayers today. It was written early on a Sunday morning as a prayer for our church; that we would learn to worship in Spirit and Truth.

Teach Us To Worship

Teach us to worship God
To move beyond the mundane,
the comfortable, the average

Strike our heart with a fire
that blazes in the darkness
of the every day

Create in us a hunger to pursue holiness,
defeat loneliness
and see the broken hearts of
men, women and children
be made whole and new

Teach us to worship God
that Your presence would change
the way we speak and how we think

Let Your kindness fill us to the overflow
and may compassion guide our steps

Teach us to worship God