"To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing." - Martin Luther

Sometimes I think that many of us are overwhelmed with the idea of prayer. Somehow we feel like our prayers need to be long, eloquent and impressive. I’m pretty sure that all of us have people in our life that pray like that.

Can we just get it out of our head that good prayers have to look like that? Some of my most honest, eloquent and heart-felt prayers were just a few words spoken out desperation, gratitude or love.

Today I want to encourage you to pray unhindered by unreasonable expectations. Here are a few things to pray about.

  1. Think about one thing that you are grateful for and pray a prayer of gratitude.
  2. Think about someone in your life that is struggling and pray for them.
  3. Pray that God would enable you to hear His voice this week.
  4. Pray your deepest burden.

All the Way My Savior Leads Me,
Pastor Joshua