Here’s a worship moment from one of our services last summer. I co-wrote a song with my friend Matthew Ouellette. As you listen to it and read the lyrics may it point you to the hope of Jesus!

Pastor Joshua

P.S. Joshua Eiler is a sort of “pen-name" for my creative endeavors!

Take Hold Key
Words and Music by Joshua Eiler and Matthew Ouellette

Verse 1
Through morning and midnight
I hear Your song
Oh how it stills
Oh how it calms
And I long for Your presence
To breathe through my soul
Purpose my pain
The broken made whole

Take hope And never let go Never let go Oh my soul
Take hold And never let go Lord, never let go Of my soul

Verse 2
You move in my stillness
Sing peace o’er my sea
You’re heard in the quiet
In darkness You’re seen
I long to be closer
Nearer to hear
Your softest of whispers
Capture my fears

2016 Joshua Eiler and Matthew Ouellette Music. All rights reserved.