The Undignified Worshipper

I have been leading worship for a couple of decades. As a result, I have had countless conversations with people about how we express our worship. I believe that each person expresses worship in different ways, and honestly, I think that’s a beautiful thing. However, one of the things that I have noticed is that far too often people use a phrase such as, “that’s just not how I worship" as an excuse not to grow or not to express worship at all. Having a stubborn heart like that can leave us stagnant, stale and bankrupt in our Spirit. My prayer is that each of us would continually strive to express our love and worship in new ways. Worship is a sacrifice in which we lay down our pride and our control. I encourage you to push past what is comfortable. Sing a little louder. Lift your hands a little higher. Pray a little longer. Give a little more. Remember that worship is not about us, it’s about how amazing God is! Check out what Matt Redman writes: